Bethesda Launcher Is Going Offline; Game Entitlements Moved to Steam


The Bethesda Launcher is about to bite the dust. Bethesda itself announced the news yesterday, revealing that the migration process towards Steam will begin in early April. Starting in May, the Bethesda Launcher won't be accessible anymore.

Users won't lose anything, as all of their games and wallets will be transferred to Steam.

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Q: Will I have access to the games I own on the launcher available to me on Steam?
A: Yes. You will need to take the steps to transfer your account info to your Steam account. Once the migration process to Steam is available, we will let everyone know and update this FAQ with the link on where and how to migrate. Please note, that you may begin this process at any time after it becomes available, but in May you will no longer be able to play your purchased games on the launcher. You will not lose access to your Library on in May, only the ability to play them on the Launcher.
Q: What happens to my game progression and saves?
A: Should you choose to transfer your library to your Steam account, we will provide instructions on how to migrate your game progression and saves over to your Steam account where possible, so you may continue playing where you left off. Some saves will automatically transfer, however some will require you to manually copy them to your Steam folder. We will have more information on manually transferring saves soon. At this time, we expect almost all save progress to be transferable automatically or manually with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which currently is unable to transfer.
Virtual currency balances and game add-ons such as DLC and in-game skins will automatically transfer.
Q: Will my in-game virtual currency (Atoms, etc.) be moved to Steam?
A: Yes. Your Wallet will transfer over to Steam once you have completed the transfer process.
The company previously tried hard to push gamers to the Bethesda Launcher, including temporary exclusivity of PC games like Fallout 76 and Rage 2. However, it was only a matter of time before the Bethesda Launcher was sunsetted after Bethesda got acquired by Microsoft, which is only interested in supporting its own store and Steam.

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