Bethesda Asked Sister Company ‘id Software’ To Help Out On Fallout 4

Aernout van de Velde

In a new video published by Bethesda, game director Todd Howard talks about how Bethesda called in the help of sister company id Software to improve the shooting part of the RPG title.

Howard acknowledges that the team wanted to improve the gunplay for the upcoming Fallout 4. Although the Fallout games have always been roleplaying titles, Fallout 4 will have more shooting elements compared to previous Fallout installments.

The game director doesn’t want to say anything bad about Fallout 3, but he does feel the action part in the game can be improved:

I won’t say anything bad about Fallout 3, but we wanted this not to make any excuses for the fact that it’s a role-playing game, for how the action felt.

While Bethesda has always focused on RPG elements, sister company id Software is more proficient in the FPS genre. According Howard calling in id Software is the first thing they did:

Since id Software is part of our company, that’s the first thing we did, we call them.

The game director added:

Like ‘alright, we’re gonna do this from scratch, give us some tips.'

Fallout 4 will be releasing in less than 2 months on the 10th of November.

Thanks VG247

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