Beautiful New Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo ‘Broadleaf Forest’ Featuring Nanite and Lumen Released

unreal engine 5 tech demo broadleaf forest

A quite stunning new Unreal Engine 5 tech demo called ‘Broadleaf Forest’ has been released.

Created by German team MAWI United GmbH, this tech demo shows a highly detailed forest using custom photogrammetry scans and featuring Epic’s new Lumen Global Illumination tech alongside Unreal Engine 5’s new virtualized geometry system, Nanite.

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According to the creators of this demo, the forest is entirely procedurally generated, and game developers are allowed to download the used assets from here.

Like Epic’s official Matrix Awakens tech demo, the new ‘Broadleaf Forest’ Unreal Engine 5 demo can be downloaded. Down below we’ve also included some videos of this beautiful tech demo in action. Be sure to check them out:

Unreal Engine 5 was released back in April of this year. Epic's new engine offers several major new features, including Nanite, virtual shadows maps, lumen global illumination and reflections, temporal super solution, and more.

First off, there’s Lumen—a fully dynamic global illumination solution that enables you to create believable scenes where indirect lighting adapts on the fly to changes to direct lighting or geometry—for example, changing the sun’s angle with the time of day, turning on a flashlight, or opening an exterior door. With Lumen, you no longer have to author lightmap UVs, wait for lightmaps to bake, or place reflection captures; you can simply create and edit lights inside the Unreal Editor and see the same final lighting your players will see when the game or experience is run on the target platform.

Not to be outdone, UE5’s new virtualized micropolygon geometry system, Nanite, gives you the ability to create games and experiences with massive amounts of geometric detail. Directly import film-quality source art comprised of millions of polygons—anything from ZBrush sculpts to photogrammetry scans—and place them millions of times, all while maintaining a real-time frame rate, and without any noticeable loss of fidelity.

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