Beautiful Desolation Kickstarter and Little Nightmares Get Release Dates


A couple of neat looking adventure games got dates today. Take a look at the trailers for the impressive looking Beautiful Desolation and the incredibly creepy Little Nightmares.

Developer The Brotherhood just released a gorgeous new trailer for their adventure game, Beautiful Desolation, which will launch a Kickstarter campaign for funding next week.

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Beautiful Desolation takes place in the distant future in Africa. The isometric adventure will have a good blend of gorgeous sci-fi backdrops mixed in with some light puzzle elements. It will play a lot like their previous point-n-click adventure game, Stasis.

Beautiful Desolation starts its Kickstarter campaign on January 24th. No other information as far as how much they need or any other details on the game. This is a definitely one game to keep an eye on.

In other adventure games news, Bandai Namco's spooky adventure game Little Nightmares gets a release date of April 28th. Trapped in The Maw, you play Six who needs to overcome the darkness and escape to the outside world. The twisted trailer below shows us just how dangerous being trapped can be as every room in the Maw has a different way to kill you. One thing I'll be sure to do is to die on purpose just to see the various death animations.

Little Nightmares will release April 28 on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. If you pre-order at GAME in the UK you can pick up The Sixth Edition which includes:

  • 10 cm Six Figurine
  • Original Soundtrack composed by Tobias Lilja from Tarsier Studios
  • Sticker Board
  • Exclusive A3 Poster
  • Themed Cage Box

If you pre-order digitally on PC or consoles, you'll receive The Scarecrow Sack and Upside-Teapot Masks in-game items that will help Six blend into the backgrounds.

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