Beats Webpage on Apple’s Website Goes Down Ahead of October 13 Event


Apple is hosting its 'Hi, Speed' event on October 13 in which the company will announce a handful of products. The main highlight of the event will be the iPhone 12 models which have been running wild in the rumor mill since last year. Apart from that, Apple will also potentially announce the new HomePod Mini and AirPods Studio - the company's high-end over-ear headphones. Ahead of the October 13 event, the official Beats webpage on Apple's website goes down, potentially replacing it with new products.

Apple Removes Official Beats Page From Its Website Ahead of October 13 Event, HomePod Mini and AirPods Studio Launch Imminent?

As mentioned earlier, Apple's official Beats webpage does down ahead of its October 13 'Hi, Speed' event. Previously, we have heard that Apple is planning to launch a HomePod Mini smart speaker which will be powered by Siri and will boast a $99 price tag. The price tag looks enticing and will allow the company to grab a major portion of the market share.

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First noted by Apple Terminal, the main landing page for Beats products is no longer available on Apple's website. The Wayback machine shows the screenshot of the page taken on October 2 which appears to be in its original form. The most recent screenshot was taken on October 9 which reflects that the Beats page is now down, suggesting that Apple removed the page between these two dates.

Beats Page Down AirPods Studio HomePod

Take note that Apple still sells its Beats-branded products on its online store. However, Bloomberg previously reported that the company will no longer be selling speakers from other speaker manufacturers like Sonos, Bose, and more. This is something that we have already witnessed in the past when it made fitness trackers redundant ahead of the Apple Watch launch. Henceforth, we can expect the company to release its new audio devices like the HomePod Mini and more.

The move of removing a certain product from its website usually means that it is gearing up to launch its replacement. When we say that the the official Beats webpage is no longer available, it points to a potential HomePod Mini or AirPods Studio launch. Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro will be sold alongside the new releases.

It was previously reported that Apple will launch both products - new HomePod and AirPods Studio before the end of this year. This looks like a nice time to announce these products and a budget HomePod Mini would make more sense. We're all anxiously waiting for the event to go live and if you don't know when it will go live, check out the iPhone 12 launch event start time in your local time zone.

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