Bay Trail-T Ready for Reveal by Intel This Month at IDF – will be Optimized for Gaming

Usman Pirzada

All our reports in the past point to the fact that Intel is getting ready to reveal the Atom Bay Trail-T  at the IDF (Intel Developer Forum) this month. The exact date is thought to be September 11. Intel Atom Bay Trail-T is designed to target tablets. There is also speculation that we will receiver further information about Bay Trail-M and Bay Trail-D.

Intel Bay Trail-T to be Revealed on Sep 11, Will be Optimized for Gaming

The Intel Bay Trail-T will consist mostly of the Z3000 series. Full details of the Bay Trail-T aka Z3000 lineup here. However the more interesting update we got was the fact that Bay Trail-T will be optimized for Gaming. Thats right, Intel Atom Bay Trail-T will have 450% better 3D Gaming capabilities then the previous generation (Clover Trail). And i don't need to tell you how high a difference that is.

Intel told us before that the Atom Bay Trail-T would be revealed somewhere between 28 August to 13 September. The IDF in Sans Fransisco will be the perfect place to do it. While the reveal of the Bay Trail-T is almost confirmed there are reports of Information about Bay Trail-D and Bay Trail-M.

Information Regarding Bay Trail-D and Bay Trail-M may follow Reveal of Bay Trail-T

Bay Trail-M is the Platform designated for the Bay Trail Processors targeted towards Notebooks. Where Bay Trail-T will have TDP of around 3W the Bay Trail-M will have TDP of 4-6.5 W. Bay Trail-D is the Platform designated for the Bay Trail Processors aimed at Desktop computers and will have a TDP of 12 W.

The Bay Trail-M series will have the N3000 and N2000 series, consisting of Pentium and Celeron, Quad and Dual Core Processors with Intel HD Graphics. The N2000 series will consist of N2910 N2810 N2805.

The Bay Trail-D series will have the J2000 and J1000 series. The J2000 series will feature a Quad Core Pentium Processor J2850 with Intel HD. The J1000 will be Celeron Quad and Dual Cores, J1850 and J1750 Respectively, both with Intel HD.


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