Battlezone Gets PS4 Pro Support, Bringing Increased Super-Sampling Resolution & Improved Lighting

Alessio Palumbo

Rebellion just announced via press release that Battlezone just received support for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console.

PlayStation VR's most exhilarating launch game is about to get even better on PlayStation 4 Pro! Rebellion is thrilled to reveal that BATTLEZONE supports PS4 Pro, offering a crisper, more vibrant experience, making piloting the galaxy's most powerful tank feel even more real.

The new BATTLEZONE 1.02 Patch, available now, adds PS4 Pro support, ready for the system's launch on November 10th.

The patch also brings a number of tweaks to the base game. Following great feedback from players, it features a number of balancing changes, particularly across the 'EASY' difficulty setting, as well as minor performance and bug fixes.

The UK developer also mentioned that there's "plenty in store" for the community to look forward to across the upcoming months and weeks, including free DLC.

You can find the full changelog of patch 1.02 below.

BATTLEZONE 1.02 Patch Notes

Added PS4 Pro support

- Increased super-sampling resolution

- Improved dynamic lighting in the Cobra cockpit

- Increased reflective lighting resolution

Balancing changes

- Defend and Convoy missions are more balanced

- Difficulty randomization more even throughout campaign

- Enemy rank scaling more balanced throughout campaign

Bug, performance fixes and other changes

- Improved clarity of particle effects

- Fixed a rare framerate hitch during hangar sequence

- Fixed rare physics issue that caused players to leave game world

- Minor enemy behaviour tweaks

Battlezone is available now for PlayStation VR/PlayStation 4, at the full price of $59.99. We'll have a review of the game shortly, so stay tuned if you want to know our opinion.

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