Battlefield V Lack of Premium Model Will Allow Team To Make The Game More Interesting And Unique, Says Multiplayer Producer


Battlefield V, the upcoming new entry in the series developed by DICE, is going to be expanded over time with new content, but in a different way than previous entries in the series. The game's multiplayer producer recently commented on the new live service approach and on how it will improve the game in ways never seen before in the series.

On his Official Twitter profile, David Sirland praised the live service approach of the upcoming game, saying that the team is free of the previous shackles, referring to the Premium model which is no longer in.

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In a Reddit post, David Sirland further elaborated, saying that the live service approach will allow the team to spend more time making the game bigger, more interesting and more unique, as opposed to just add more content as part of the Premium model. Sirland also commented on the potential failure of the new approach, saying that the team will do what they did with Battlefield 4 and fix what is wrong with it.

It's all connected to how many maps and how often (being the most expensive content type) -not how good they are or what is interesting to pursue at a point in time Compare to the community map project (BF4) which was outside of premium.. I'd rather do more things like that and less cookie cutter content based on numbers. More damavand peak unique gameplay levels, less more of the same mentality. What I'm saying is that instead of forcing things we can freely spend time on things making the game bigger, more interesting and unique rather than just more content period. There are several things we've never been able to do in the previous model that are now possible. You ask the expectation question like this is a new situation to process. If expectations aren't met - expect us to do what we did with Bf4 - fix it. We didn't abandon anything then, and won't now. But speculation aside - I'm more than certain the gameplay is what players play games for, and we have it, and it's good - expectations will be satisfied. Try the beta, let us know if I'm right or not.

Battlefield V launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 19th.