Battlefield V Currency Revealed Through Leak; Coming Next Month

Battlefield V

Battlefield V is apparently getting microtransactions sometime next month, according to what has been revealed recently.

Reddit user spanky088 recently posted an image on the game's subreddit showcasing the Battlefield V Battlefield Currency. According to the image, it will be launched next month.

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As EA previously confirmed that there will not be any loot boxes, the new Battlefield Currency will only be used to purchase cosmetic items, so it shouldn't impact progression at all. As an official announcement on the matter has yet to be made, however, we cannot be certain at this time.

Last week, DICE tweaked the game's TTK rate following players' feedback.

Our intent with the TTK changes was to see if we could evolve the Battlefield V experience and make it more enjoyable for new players, whilst also making sure the Battlefield vets have a choice with a more ‘core’ experience suiting their preferred play-style. Clearly we didn’t get it right. Veteran players didn’t ask for the change, but as game developers, we took it upon ourselves to make those changes based on extensive data and deliberation. It truthfully wasn’t an easy decision for us.

Battlefield V is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.

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