Battlefield 4 Night Maps Available on the Community Test Environment


The recent release of the Battlefield 4 winter patch sadly didn't add the long asked for night maps, but over at the Community Test Environment (CTE) where they test out new features, game-modes and upcoming balancing changes, they recently added two of the regular maps, set during night-time. The maps in question are Golmud Railway and Zavod 311, and previously DICE have put up a night-time version of Siege of Shanghai called Infiltration of Shanghai. So it might not be that long before we can see these pushed out on the regular severs.

Night-time Explosions Look Fantastic in Battlefield 4

Night-time maps are something that me and many others have asked for in Battlefield 4, but have yet to receive. Over at the CTE subreddit Creative Director Thomas Andersson wrote that the maps were something they threw together "quickly for you to have something over the weekend".

"Hey guys.. we really threw these together quickly for you to have something over the weekend but remember these two night maps are very very work-in-progress.

Although Railway is further along, it will have optics issues because the lighting is dynamic right now and PC's can't handle that yet so you are going to see some strange stuff until the next patch. All the new lights are not build into destruction so they are going to float when you break the wall behind them. There will be some other strange issues but all the lights should be destructible in there at the moment.

Zavod doesn't even have lighting baked in so it looks kinda strange all around. You'll probably see a lot of issues but this is what things look like early on. The moon is crazy bright. I just threw it in there for now. Many lights won't be destructible on this map. We'll get it all under control very soon.

Even with the issues, send me feedback when ya'll can. Let's work together and try to make these maps as cool as possible before the rest of the world see them!"


Images captured by redditor TheFrostbitePro


I haven't checked it out myself yet, but I'll be sure to patch my CTE-build later on today so I can witness some night-time explosions and choppers popping flares in the moonlight for myself. Now the only thing we need is a Special Forces DLC (or even better, a patch) like the expansion for Battlefield 2 with night-maps and some new gear, for Battlefield 4. Maybe that's something for whenever DICE starts to show us content from Battlefield 5. And finally here's some video footage of the current build running on the CTE.