Battlefield 4 in-Game Screenshots and Trailer Leaked – Gets Overhauled Destruction Engine Codenamed Frostbite 3


Battlefield 4

We are just a couple of hours away from the Battlefield 4 launch reveal and the gameplay details along with first in-game screenshots have already started to hit various web portals.

Battlefield 4 - The True Next Generation Shooter

From the images, it can be seen that DICE is aiming to increase the fiedility of the game, it looks alot like Battlefield 3 but the graphical power of the Frostbite 2 engine has been updated by such a leap that it feels like a new game. The whole atmosphere in that first screenshot and the landscape is an amazing thing to look at plus its all in-game rendered with the power of Frostbite 3. Definitely some thing to look forward

Battlefield 4 Trailer

You might remember that we detailed in our previous report that Battlefield 4 would be getting an updated rather a complete new Frostbite engine known to be as Frostbite 2.5, well according to BF4Central most of our details that mentioned such as a new Destruction engine, better lightning and increased tessellation effects were true however DICE seemed to have changed the codename for the new engine and it is now referred to as Frostbite 3. From our previous article:

Furthermore, the game would feature Dynamic weather effects such as rain, sandstorms, fog, haze and would be totally random. Each map would get these dynamic weather effects and would change depending on the variable conditions. As you may have noted, the cover image shows a glimpse of these weather effects such as rain. Battlefield 4 would also bring back the much renowned and upgraded Destruction 4.0 system to the game which would offer destructible environments and buildings which we saw back in Bad Company 2.

The new Destruction engine would be a total game changer which was skipped entirely from Battlefield 3 (Except Battlefield 3: Close Quarters). Its comeback to the game after last released in Bad Company 2 is warmly welcomed by fans of the series. It would be great to see how these effects settle down in the metropolis of Shanghai, China which we also confirmed to be featured in game before any one else along with the introduction of female characters in the single player section of the game as well as rumored for Multiplayer. DICE has also revealed several teasers for their Battlefield 4 such as Air/Land/Sea trailers and revealing posters on Battlefield.com.

Theslanted.com  has revealed that EA would begin Pre-orders for the game starting from 10 PM PST which would include both standard and digital deluxe editions. Buyers of the Digital Deluxe edition would get access to Battlefield 4 Beta (Medal Of Honor: WF and Battlefield 3 Premium owners would too) along with Battlefield 4 Expansion pack. It should be noted that Battlefield 3 Digital Deluxe edition at launch granted users access to Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC. Both editions would be sold exclusively on EA's Origin as Battlefield 3. Battlelog would get a complete new overhaul once the game is launched. Those who pre-order would also get a real life "Prepare 4 battle" dogtag which can be seen below *Too Sexy*:

Image Courtesy of  Pixelenemy!