Battlefield 3 Fault Line episode 3 released

So as it turns out the Battlefield 3 GDC 2011 gameplay was actually Fault Line 3, The fault line episode are a series of videos shown by EA which show case the many parts of the game. Some scenes contain Michael Bay style explosions others are more intense, this video however is by far the most impressive video yet because it shows hand to hand combat which could be a first in a Battlefield game (I know the difference between a melee and a full fist fight).

So far the HUD looks like it's taken from Medal of Honor rather then Battlefield Bad Company 2, and the level of realism in this game is amazing, with exploding cars, ears ringing after a grenade exploding this is DEFINITELY a Battlefield game due to the amazing sound work done! After the addictive MP of Bad Company 2 and the So-So story of Bad Company 2 I am DEFINITELY looking forward to this game.

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