Battlefield 2 vs Battlefield 3 Karkand Comparison Shows Many Changes


It was only a few years ago where Karkand was the most played map on Battlefield 2 and now DICE is bringing back a classic map in HD in Battlefield  3 with superb graphics, destruction and new game modes too. Back to Karkand is available for purchase on the PS3 right now and will arrive on PC and 360 later this month, with the PC version being the one with the upper hand of course due to the larger number of players and graphics of course. Let's take a trip into the past and see what has changed in Karkand since Battlefield 2 and whats new in Karkand in Battlefield 3.

As you can see the map has gotten a massive facelift and looks more lively and life like thanks to the improved Frostbite Engine and considering how this map is a fan and community favorite I am sure that many players (old and new) will be pleased to see this map added to an already big roster of maps available with Battlefield 3 and Back to Karkand adding many more maps into the mix too with new weapons and vehicles too.

Karkand is also a favorite map of mine and I look forward to playing it on the PC and revisiting the game that started the love for Battlefield multiplayer, Karkand is available for pre order on Origin and those of you who already own the limited edition on any console and the PC will get the DLC for free as soon as it launches on your platform.