Battlefield 1 Weather System Changes Gameplay Considerably, Destruction Adds New Possibilities, Audio Is Top Notch

Francesco De Meo
Battlefield 1

During yesterday's EA Play conference, Electronic Arts revealed some new details for Battlefield 1 as well as a brand new trailer. Following the conference, the publisher showed plenty of multiplayer gameplay footage that got fans even more excited for the next shooter currently in development by DICE. Playing the actual game, however, is different from just watching in action, and some impressions from a lucky fan who has played the EA Play demo have surfaced online.

Reddit user Euden attended the EA Play London event, and managed to play a single Battlefield 1 game. In his impressions, he praised the weather system quite a bit, noting how it changes up the gameplay considerably. He also praised how the guns feel and how the game looks.

Best thing: the weather system and how it changes up the gameplay, the guns felt great and it felt really authentic. Best looking battlefield to date!

My best moment was the map turning foggy, suddenly the control point I had taken in the sun became gloomy with troops hiding in the houses defending it, It truely felt like something out of a movie with allies running in bayonetting people. It was crazy

Euden also talked about the new destruction system, which opens up plenty of gameplay possibilities. During the game, it will be possible to create craters with tanks and later use them to hide.

There was quite a lot of destruction in the game with houses coming down on people , the destruction is great, you can create craters with tanks and hide in them which is cool also 🙂

Euden also had some good words for the game's audio, which is incredibly important for a game such as Battlefield 1, and the melee system, which makes combat feels more physical. User isramartinez also confirmed that the Battlefield 1 atmosphere is quite good.

Amazing, that was my favourite thing of the whole match, I didn't even care much about checking customisation and stuff I was blown away by the atmosphere on the battlefield.

The audio was top notch, the explosions and the gunplay just made it feel epic!

It felt much more personal, charging with a bayonet felt much more physical and fun, plus hitting someone with a shovel in the face is always fun.

Lastly, Euden also made a comparison with the previous entry of the series, noting how weapons in Battlefield 1 feel less accurate and more real.

The weapons felt less accurate and more real than bf4. The graphics are amazing and the weather shakes up the gameplay, this is new stuff and it's really good!

Battlefield 1 launches this October on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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