Battlefield 1 Open Beta Won’t Receive Additional Maps, Conquest Classic Ticket System May Come Back Depending On Feedback


The Battlefield 1 open beta is now available for users on all platforms, allowing them to try out select content from the full game, such as the Sinai Desert Map, a selection of weapons and more. The included map is different from the one included in the alpha, and it seems like those who haven't had the chance to try out the game earlier won't be able to experience it until the full game launches.

A few hours ago, the Battlefield Official Twitter profile confirmed that no map will be added to the open beta down the line, so it won't be possible to play the St. Quentin Scar map or any other that will be available in the final release.

The Battlefield 1 open beta is being used not only to test the game's online functionality, but also to gather feedback which might be used to improve on the game before its release next month. One of the features that many are not liking are the changes that have been made to Conquest. Those who want to see the classic ticket system come back, however, can do something to change things, as DICE senior producer Aleksander Grøndal confirmed a few days ago that feedback from the open beta can indeed make a difference. If you want something to be changed in the final Battlefield 1 release, now is the time to make your voice heard.

Battlefield 1 launches next month on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions. The open beta, which is currently being afflicted by server issues, is now available on all platforms, with an end date yet to be confirmed.