Battlefield 1 3D Spotting And Auto Heal Won’t Be Removed, Passive Spotting Is ” Way Over The Top” At The Moment


Last month, several lucky players have been able to try out Battlefield 1 before everyone else thanks to the Closed Alpha, which has been held on all formats. Following the end of the Alpha, many have talked with DICE about features that might get removed or tweaked in the final version of the game, such as 3D spotting, and DICE LA Producer recently shared more on the matter.

On his Official Twitter profile, DICE LA Producer David Sirland was asked if 3D spotting and auto heal are going to be removed from the final release of Battlefield 1, and it seems like they will be in, but will obviously tweaked following feedback gathered during the testing phases.

3D spotting in particular is one of the more controversial features included in Battlefield 1, as it makes quite easy to spot enemies. Some players have voiced concern over the feature, especially passive 3D spotting, and David Sirland stated that there are still some bugs to fix and that it's "over the top" at the moment.

David Sirland also explained why the team implemented passive 3D spotting in Battlefield 1. Apparently, its only use is to not require spamming the spot button while in a firefight, and that is only after targets are close, acquired and in clear view.

As Battlefield 1 is still in development, and with an Open Beta coming soon, there's still a lot to be tweaked, so players who feel like passive 3D spotting might ruin the game would do well in waiting until everything is fixed for the game's launch this October.

Battlefield 1 launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this October. We will keep you updated on the Open Beta as soon as more comes in on it, which shouldn't take too long, so stay tuned for all the latest news.