Batman Arkham City Catwoman trailer this damsel is NOT in distress

Batman Arkham City has it all; classic villains, an interesting setup and now we get the chance to play as one hell of a hot kitty cat. That's right it HAS been confirmed that we will get to play as Catwoman in Arkham City and yes I know what you are thinking this kitty has got more than claws she has a booty to match :D.

Catwoman is not so much as a villain or an arch nemesis but she is more of an ally to Batman and in this game we get to see her in action first hand, she can whip out vicious combos with the help of her attire and be sure that playing with her will be a real pleasure ;). I hope we get to use her whip too, now THAT would make her the ultimate nightmare of the residents of Arkham City.

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