Rocksteady Explains Batman Arkham Knight Delay

Archie Paras

Batman Arkham Knight was delayed last year, for eight months past its scheduled release. A quite large number of recently released AAA games were broken or worse at the time of their release, and it would have really been a shame if Rocksteady were to end their trilogy with a game that was not up to their usual standards. Thankfully, Warner Bros accommodated the necessity to prolong development.

Game Director Sefton Hill explained, that the delay was not a quality issue, but more a matter of scope they envisioned for Batman Arkham Knight.

The vision for the game just meant we weren’t going to get it finished to the standard we wanted in time. It’s as simple as that. We had to decide: is it a case of reducing the scope to try to get something out? Or do we delay the release in order to make sure we can achieve the vision? That’s the discussion we had with [Warner’s] senior management. Fortunately, after a lot of grovelling, we got the time, because those guys believed in the vision too.

The question was never whether it was good enough. It was whether we were going to get it done. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but we were very confident in that direction. We just didn’t have time to finish what we wanted to do. It’s fair to say that’s my fault: the reason we didn’t ship in 2014 is because of the game I wanted to make. It couldn’t be done in the time we had.

Rocksteady's vision of Batman Arkham Knight remains intact

Fortunately, for us, and of course for Rocksteady, the vision will be fulfilled in its entirety, and the scope of Batman Arkham Knight,will remain intact. It will be worthy of Rocksteady's Arkham legacy, and a fitting farewell to the Dark Knight. Just a couple of days ago Rocksteady, released a new trailer for Batman Arkham Knight, detailing the story and enemies that Batman will face during the conclusion of Rocksteady's trilogy.

It is quite apparent, the final iteration of the Arkham Trilogy will feature a much darker tone than its predecessors, and an overall more serious and deep story line, hence the mature rating.

You can read more about Batman Arkham Knight, in our previous coverage.

Batman: Arkham Knight is stated for a June 2nd release date for the PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. We will bring any additional information prior to the games’s release as it becomes available. You can watch or download an uncompressed version of the trailer over at Gamersyde. More information regarding Batman: Arkham Knight’s “M” rating can be found here.


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