Axel Actor Calls on Square to ‘Step it Up’ over Kingdom Hearts

Mat Growcott

It's pretty well known by this point that voice actors are the last to know anything about an upcoming title. It doesn't matter if they're iconic or well-loved - they tend to find out almost everything at about the same time as everybody else. Quinton Flynn knows this better than anyone.

The voice actor, perhaps best known as Metal Gear Solid 2's Raiden, suffered through the development hell on Rising and is likely to return as Reno in Final Fantasy VII, a role he's played a few times since appearing in the English dub of Advent Children.

Now Flynn has taken to Twitter to call on Square Enix to step it up on the development of Kingdom Hearts 3

The tongue-in-cheek tweet was quickly followed up with confirmation that he has yet to record any lines for Axel, the popular Nobody character.

While this could easily be a sign that Axel/Lea might not make an appearance in the long awaited sequel, it's just as likely that development isn't nearly as far along as fans would like.

Voice acting is one of the last things that developers tack onto a game and, although Kingdom Hearts has amazing voice work, it's just not a priority at this point.

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