The Long Awaited Essential Phone Is Finally Available For Pre-order At Different Sites

Zarmeen Shahzad
Essential phone

Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is a device that all smartphone enthusiasts are interested in. Even if you don’t want to buy, you want to know what this new phone will bring to the market. The market expectation is extremely high and the more delay the market faces, the more eager it becomes. Essential’s was supposed to launch its first ever smartphone in late May. The company could not meet this deadline due to technical reasons. Rubin has assured customers that the phone would be ready soon and the customers will be extremely pleased with it. Earlier in the week, Essential informed customers who had pre-ordered the phone that the device would be available to them within 7 days.

Essential Phone up for grabs

The phone is currently available for pre-order from Sprint, Best Buy, Essential and Amazon. Sprint is taking pre-orders for the black version while the white version will be available at a later date. Retail availability will take a few weeks. The phone is also available from, and Amazon. If you chose to order from Amazon or through Essential, then both the Black Moon and Pure White color options will be available. Best Buy is currently only selling the Black Moon version and the Pure White is listed as ‘coming soon’.

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If you choose to buy the Essential Phone from Sprint then you have the option of purchasing it at its full price of $699 and you can even go for the carrier’s Flex Lease payment plan. The lease payment will help you save $260 across an 18-month installment plan. The best thing is that the monthly installments are of just $14.58. Sounds great right? At the end of the plan you will have to make a choice of getting a new phone, continue the lease, return the device or paying the price to get ownership.

News Source: Essential Phone is up for pre-order from Sprint, Best Buy, Essential, and Amazon

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