Google Acknowledges Audio Distortion Issue On Pixel Phones As Hardware-Related


Google has finally acknowledged the audio distortion issue on Pixel phones. The issue was first brought in light by a Pixel user - Mark Buckman aka 'Badmark', who got a refund after raising a request on Google's product forum. Now that Google has officially accepted the shortcoming, it is offering warranty replacements for the handsets. Surprisingly, Google chose to give warranty replacements rather than rolling out a firmware update, which clearly hints that the flaw lies on the hardware level.

As per a new report published on PhoneArena, Google is no more issuing refunds on the unit. Unlike, Mark Buckman, other pixel users who are facing audio distortion issues - can only opt for warranty replacements. In the mail directed for Mark Buckman, Google mentioned that it is a hardware problem.

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Pixel users have been resorting to Google's product forum to post their issues about audio distortion. One of the users posted:

"At first I thought it was my headphones, so I put on my noise cancellation headphones and the same issue. Then I thought, ok maybe it's a bad headphone jack, so I paired my Jabra Sports headphones, same issue. Then I just played the music out of the speaker itself, and it still happened,"

Google's staff had been proactive in responding to such queries on the forum. In response to issue-related posts, Pixel community manager Orrin wrote that Google is looking into the matter.

The other unfavourable info regarding the issue is that Google is not revealing the affected builds. It means that users have no idea if their build is faulty or even worse if they are buying an affected build. However, we do hope that Google keeps track of faulty builds internally and avoid sending them out in the fresh stock.

This is not the first time when Google's Pixel phones have come under fire. Last month, many users reported early shutdown problem on the phone. Also, many users earlier complaint about lens glare issue on the phone. Other issues on the Pixel include Bluetooth pairing problems, LTE connectivity, and freezing camera.

Stay tuned with us for more info on Google's approach on the issue.