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ASUS and Amazon Leak Upcoming Coffee Lake-S Processors


A recent article over at VideoCardz has shown the Coffee Lake S CPUs which are aimed at the low TDP/low power draw SKUs which are used by businesses since there is a price premium. The T Series can now be found on Amazon allowing users to finally purchase 35 Watt Coffee Lake CPUs The full CPU line up now is packed with 23 SKUs with TDP from 35W to 95W priced from $50 USD to just under $370.

Low TDP Coffee Lake SKUs Like The i7 8700T, i5 8600T and Others to Hit Store Shelves

These should be hitting store shelves very soon along with the other CPUs we listed last week and all in all this should be a welcome addition to the current lineup. And for those asking when the Z390 and 8 Core Coffee Lake CPUs will be released, we have absolutely NO new information on them and closest we have on word is sometime during summer.

Intel Disabling TSX On Certain CPUs, Skylake And Coffee Lake Affected

The full list:

  • Core i5-8400T (1.7GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 35W, rev.U0)
  • Core i5-8500T (2.1GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 35W, rev.U0)
  • Core i5-8600 (3.1GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 65W, rev.U0)
  • Core i3-8100 (3.6G,65W,L3:6M,4C)
  • Core i3-8100(3.6G,65W,L3:6M,4C,rev.U0)
  • Core i3-8100T(3.1G,35W,L3:6M,4C,rev.B0)
  • Core i3-8300(3.7G,62W,L3:8M,4C,rev.B0)
  • Core i3-8300T(3.2G,35W,L3:8M,4C,rev.B0)
  • Core i3-8350K (4.0G,91W,L3:8M,4C)
  • Core i5-8400 (2.8GHz, 65W, L3:9M, 6C)
  • Core i5-8500 (3.0GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 65W, rev.U0)
  • Core i5-8600K (3.6GHz, 95W, L3:9M, 6C)
  • Core i5-8600T (2.3GHz, 6C, L3:9M, 35W, rev.U0)
  • Core i7-8700 (3.2GHz, 6C, 65W, L3:12M,HT)
  • Core i7-8700K (3.7GHz, 6C, 95W, L3:12M,HT)
  • Core i7-8700T(2.4G,35W,L3:12M,6C,rev.U0)
  • Pentium G4900 (3.1GHz, 2C, L3:2M, 54W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G4900T (2.9GHz, 2C, L3:2M, 35W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G4920 (3.2GHz, 2C, L3:2M, 54W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G5400 (3.7GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 54W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G5400 (3.7GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 58W, rev.U0)
  • Pentium G5400T (3.1GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 35W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G5400T (3.1GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 35W, rev.U0)
  • Pentium G5500 (3.8GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 54W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G5500T (3.2GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 35W, rev.B0)
  • Pentium G5600 (3.9GHz, 2C, L3:4M, 54W, rev.B0)

The specs above are mostly based on data provided by ASUS on their website. The list features all parts, with base clocks, TDP, L3 cache size and also a revision. The revision part is particularly interesting because some SKUs are divided into B0 and U0 steppings, but they (mostly) keep the same specs.

The Coffee Lake-S series will have two variants, a 4+2 (quad core + GT2 graphics) and 6+2 (hexa core + GT2 graphics). The 4+2 variant will have a die size of 126mm2 while the 6+2 variant will have a die size of 149mm2 which is same as the Coffee Lake-X variants.

We have already seen CNL-PCH block diagram which details the Coffee Lake-S and Coffee Lake-H series processors. Intel will keep support on the CNL-PCH intact. The new chipset does mean that Intel has the opportunity to change the socket and considering the unusual die structure and later support for 10nm processors, we can expect that to happen. LGA 1151 will have served two processor generations by then, Skylake and Kaby Lake.

The Cannonlake PCH (300-Series) has two Alpine Ridge Controllers for up to 4 x USB Type-C ports. We don’t know the exact amount of PCIe lanes offered by the PCH but there are plenty. The PCIe 3.0 lanes offer two M.2 slots for Optane / SSD support. A PCIe 3.0 x4 and 3.0 x1 slot is also powered by the PCH, there’s also an SD Card slot reader. I/O also includes Ethernet port (GbE PHY), Fingerprint sensor, NFC, Codec, Touch Screen, 6 Type A/C USB 3.1 Ports, UF Camera, ODD, HDD (2x SATA 3) and Douglas Peak controller that offers WiGig + Wi-Fi + BT support.