Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide: Beginner Tips and Tricks From the Gods

Rosh Kelly
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In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you’ll be playing as Eivor, a young Norse-person surviving through ambushes, wild animal attacks, and lots and lots of mead. Traveling from their home of Norway, Eivor must learn to adapt to the brutal life of a Viking, setting out on perilous raids and enduring the rainy weather of England. It's tough being a Viking, but they have an even tougher pantheon of Gods to help their devotees.

And these Norse Gods aren’t nearly as silent as the one worshipped in the churches you’ll be raiding, with the One-Eyed appearing early on in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, offering cryptic information and sage advice. So to help any would-be Viking avoid feasting in the Corpse Hall before their time, we’ve gathered some of the best advice we could find from the Gods themselves to keep them alive and enjoying themselves across the northern sea.

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Odin’s Advice

I gave up my eye so that I could see better, and hung myself from the World Tree so that I could understand more, and I beseech you mortals to do the same. With my sight, you find the hidden treasures and secrets that others want to keep from you. But it is up to you to use it. 

While you may not have my understanding, I hope that you can understand my power which I have allowed you to use. Do not squander my gifts, and do not hoard them. You can use my Vision as much as you would like, as easy as pressing a single button. And it has so many uses for a mortal. With it, you might spy the treasures lost in the smoke of a burning village. Or you could use it to spot enemies intent on sending you to Valhalla before your time. But even when the Norns are not about to cut your thread short, you can still use my vision. Where there are secrets, my sight will reveal them which may help you on your many quests.

Thor’s Advice

Let me be blunt, unlike your axe. Destroy whatever stands in your way. Attack every wall, every door, every window that you may find a path to your goal. See that stained glass window? Fire an arrow through it. See these boxes, reduce them to kindling with your axe.

Sometimes the most direct route to your prize might be impossible, but there is nothing that will not move to the right force. If there is treasure you seek behind barred and barricaded doors, find another route. Make another route.

It only takes a second to swing an axe, and if anyone would mock you for a failed attempt you need only swing once more towards them to silence them. Use your bow to sense whether or not an object might break as you line up the shot. And always be on the lookout for those red jugs. They burst louder than my thunderclaps and do nearly as much damage, spilling flame across the area.

Mimir’s Advice

Listening to the gods is important, and listening to yourself is essential, but it cannot be understated how good it is to listen to others as well. Skalds recite the great works and poems over a fire, but such stories are also contained in well-protected books. Seek these Books of Knowledge, study them. For inside, you might yet glean the knowledge of heroes long past from the halls of Valhalla.

Being mighty is easy, but being smart on the battlefield and wielding an arsenal of fighting styles and techniques can turn the tide of the skirmish. Armor and weapons might seem like the most tempting of prizes, but it is within these Books of Knowledge that you will find the most powerful rewards.

Heimdall’s Advice

I stand vigil each day and each night, waiting for the coming end. When the time comes, when armageddon finally reaches the halls of Asgard, I shall blow on my horn to announce the beginning of Ragnarok. But while I wait, ready to blow the last horn and participate in the last fight, you should not keep your horn as silent as mine.

Your horn, unlike mine, can be used for more than just grim tidings. With its bellow you can summon your ship and its crew to any adjacent riverbank, ready to raid, or travel, or explore. This, rather than traveling back to your home by whatever means you can muster, is a much better use of your limited time as a mortal. You might think this meaningless or petty, but I have not moved since my watch began and have seen lives lost to the drudgery of idle travel, so you should enjoy the chance to explore the world more quickly through its waterways in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

Loki’s Advice

A good Viking will fight and take what they need, but a good Viking will also build and share what they freed. A good Viking will always grow stronger, but a good Viking is so much more than a warmonger.

Ours is a loud custom. Whether it be the wailings of war or the laughter of the longhouse, we Norseborn shall never be silenced. And with that noise, you can find a weapon greater than any sword or axe. This weapon is your tongue, your words that can be used to devastate and rebuild any opponent in the ancient art of flyting. Take care not to miss any opportunity to flyte as you wander Midgard, for it is more than just an idle distraction like the locking of horns or rolling of dice. Flyting is a battle with words, and like your swinging arm, the more you use them, the stronger they will grow. And the more experienced you are using words to be as cunning or guileful as one such as me, the more you might find the opportunity to draw secrets from pursed lips, or find ways to avoid the grim gallows. 

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