NVIDIA GTC 2021 Has A Scavenger Hunt – Hidden Message Decoded

Usman Pirzada
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So when I wrote the article about NVIDIA's GTC 2021 announcement the wording on their blog seemed a bit too ominous to me. Upon inspecting the flashing lights in the tweet closely I realized that there was a morse code message embedded in it. It seems as if the company is going for an Intel Xe-styled scavenger hunt. Since the hidden text is pretty mundane I am guessing there will be more puzzles coming our way so stay tuned!

I decoded NVIDIA GTC 2021's first puzzle: "hidden treasure"

NVIDIA had the following line in their announcement which seemed like it might have something to do with a clue that would drop later:

And, to have a little quick fun, we’ve added a few surprises – so be on the lookout. Watch the @NVIDIAGTC Twitter handle for clues and more details.

This is one of the videos posted on the twitter account:

Take a close look at those blinking bulbs which form a golden neuron (usually sued to depict deep neural networks). The blinking lights are actually in morse code and each bulb represents a single word. If you decode the blinking pattern using a morse code sheet you get the following results:

The blinking lights spell out "HIDDEN TREASURE HIDDEN TREASURE".

This could mean multiple things but most likely is that NVIDIA is going to engage in an Xe styled scavenger hunt with clues and puzzles dropped around their Twitter feed. The following two videos were also part of the announcement and we are going through them as well to see if there are any clues we missed the first time around but you can help us out as well by combing through these. We will update the article (or post a new one if the clue is big enough) as soon as there is more information.

Update: Videocardz discovers landing page for NVIDIA's treasure hunt

The landing page is over here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/hidden-treasure/

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