New Assassins Creed Unity Materials Show Famous Location and Hidden Crossbow

Rizwan Anwer

This seems to be a busy time for leak hunters, with leaks practically happening left, right and center. It was only a couple of days ago that we saw the first look at the Assassin and his scientist companion were revealed in a Gamestop poster.

Assassins Creed Unity

Is Assassins Creed Unity Trying to Deliver a Strong Message Silently? Could We Be The Sam Fisher of Assassins?

Assassins Creed Unity is a game that is enveloped in mystery and intrigue. It will have a full fledged reveal at the coming E3 2014 conference and hopefully will be parallel to Comet. For now, lets move on to the new images that have surfaced on the internet. The first is from a Facebook page with the name of "Access the Anmius" which shows the unnamed Assassin overlooking the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. While we were led to believe that the game will take place in Victorian England during the French Revolution, perhaps we play as Phileas Fogg and are going to circumnavigate the world in 80 Assassinations?

assassins-creed-unity-1The next picture shows us a picture from an unknown origin which shows a hidden crossbow, we are all accustomed to the hidden pistol by now, so surely the hidden crossbow can be a less noisy weapon for us to utilize in our assassinations? While the author of the post never actually tells us the source of the image we can only assume that it came from the same place that all the other leaks have come from. For now, so far it does look like Ubisoft is tailoring a more stealth oriented Assassin rather than a "loud" profile Assassin. Could the hidden crossbow be affirming proof of this? The image is courtesy of lb31 on Reddit.

assassins-creed-unity-2So far, it appears that Ubisoft has had a change of technique and is actually encouraging players to take up the silent road over the loud technique of assassination which is the appropriate way of the Assassin. So far, the leaked materials show a skimmed down assassin who has only a few weapons to his name meaning that he could have more reliance on the hidden weapons in his attire such as throwing knives, smoke bombs and other utilities. If this is really the track for the next Assassins Creed game then I really want to see how fans react to the big change if this does indeed prove to be true.

What do you guys think? Would you like to visit Notre Dame Cathedral and have a shot at the hidden cross bow?

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