ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX Graphics Card Benchmarked in Games & 3DMark

ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX Graphics Card Benchmarked in Games & 3DMark 1

ASRock's newly launched Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX graphics card has been benchmarked in several games and 3DMark benchmarks.

ASRock Gives A Spin To Its Intel Arc A380 Graphics Card In Various Games & 3DMark Benchmarks

Launched last week, the ASRock Intel Arc A380 graphics card is a small form factor solution for the ITX segment. The GPU is based on the Alchemist ACM-G11 SKU, featuring 8 Xe-Cores or 1024 ALUs. The card comes rated with a 500W PSU requirement and features a single HDMI 2.0b and three DisplayPort 2.0 (w/ DSC) ports. There's 6 GB of GDDR6 memory which is the highest we have seen on this gen's entry-level cards and since the whole thing is designed around the ITX form factor, it measures 190 x 124 x 39 mm.

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ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX Graphics Card Gallery (Image Credits: ASRock Weibo):


ASRock decided to test the card itself and we can see that while the card features an official clock speed of 2250 MHz, the GPU was actually running at 2450 MHz. Within the Furmark stress test, the chip produced a maximum temperature of 78C which is decent considering this is a conservative cooler with a singular fan and a small heatsink underneath its shroud.

The ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX graphics card was tested in various games and 3DMark benchmarks. You can see the results below but what is surprising is that the card actually delivered lower performance than the GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Photon which features the same 2.45 GHz GPU clock speed and a TDP of 92W which is fed through an 8-pin connector. The ASRock variant also has a single 8-pin connector but we don't know the actual TDP of the graphics card as it wasn't revealed by the manufacturer.

In 3DMark Time Spy, the graphics card scores 4426 points whereas the GUNNIR model with the same clock speed scores over 5000 points so it looks like there is some power or clock frequency disparity that isn't visible going on in the background since we can't make of any other thing that would affect the performance so much. Even the driver used is the latest one that reviewers had been using to test the GUNNIR model. Pro applications being a strong suite of Arc GPUs show that the card is able to outperform the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 by 23% in the Puget Systems Photo-Shop benchmark.

ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITX Gaming (AAA) Benchmarks:

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ASRock Arc A380 Challenger ITX Gaming (eSports) Benchmarks:

ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX Graphics Card Benchmarked in Games & 3DMark 2

Gaming numbers are also provided in various titles which show the Arc A380 delivering over 60 & 100 FPS in most eSports titles at 1080P. Running actual AAA titles results in lower performance at around 50-60 FPS at 1080p which is still playable enough for most budget-tier gamers. The card is currently priced at 1299 RMB which doesn't help its case considering the GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 Photon can be bought for the same price and delivers better cooling and also offers better graphics performance.

ASRock Intel Arc A380 Challenger ITX 3DMark Benchmarks:


Intel Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card Lineup 'Official':

Graphics Card VariantGPU DieShading Units (Cores)XMX UnitsGPU Clock (Graphics)Memory CapacityMemory SpeedMemory BusBandwidthTGPPrice
Arc A770Arc ACM-G104096 (32 Xe-Cores)5122.10 GHz16 GB GDDR617.5 Gbps256-bit560 GB/s225W$349-$399 US
Arc A770Arc ACM-G104096 (32 Xe-Cores)5122.10 GHz8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit512 GB/s225W$349-$399 US
Arc A750Arc ACM-G103584 (28 Xe-Cores)4482.05 GHz8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit512 GB/s225W$299-$349 US
Arc A580Arc ACM-G103072 (24 Xe-Cores)3841.70 GHz8 GB GDDR616 Gbps256-bit512 GB/s175W$200-$299 US
Arc A380Arc ACM-G111024 (8 Xe-Cores)1282.00 GHz6 GB GDDR615.5 Gbps96-bit186 GB/s75W$129-$139 US
Arc A310Arc ACM-G11512 (4 Xe-Cores))64TBD4 GB GDDR616 Gbps64-bitTBD75W$59-$99 US
What are your thoughts of Intel's Arc graphics cards so far?

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