ASRock Blazing OC Tuner Software Enables Switching Between Manual OC & AMD PBO Modes on X670 & B650 Motherboards

Hassan Mujtaba
ASRock Blazing OC Tuner Software Enables Switching Between Manual OC & AMD PBO Modes on X670 & B650 Motherboards 2

ASRock is also introducing its brand new Blazing OC Tuner software that allows users to switch between Manual OC & PBO OC on X670 & B650 motherboards.

ASRock's Blazing OC Tuner Software Allows Users To Switch Dynamically Between Manual OC & AMD PBO Modes on X670 & B650 Motherboards

The principle of ASRock's Blazing OC Tuner is the same as ASUS's Dynamic OC Switcher and MSI's "Performance Switch" but the main difference is that while the other two manufacturers allow the functionality through the BIOS on the X670 & B650 motherboards, ASRock does so through new software.

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This software can work on all motherboards and ASRock even plans to bring it to older AM4 motherboards such as B550 and X570 series. But that's not all, ASRock is also offering AGESA BIOS firmware at launch across its full portfolio which can be found at their respective link pages.

ASRock X670 & B650 Blazing OC Tuner Software Guide

The ASRock Blazing OC Tuner for X670 & B650 motherboards allows AM5 CPU to switch between OC mode and Precision Boost Overdrive when the CPU current hits the threshold.

Anything above the current threshold will engage manual OC mode; anything below the current threshold will engage Precision Boost Overdrive mode. When CPU temperature rises and exceeds the temperature threshold due to OC mode, it will switch back to Precision Boost Overdrive mode.

This idea is to combine overclocking on all cores and automatic boost on a single core to get the best performance out of your CPU.

Recommended (Demonstration) hardware settings:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 7950X (16-core)
  • CPU cooler: Cooler Master Masterliquid-PL360-Flux AIO water cooling system. It needs a water cooling system (240-360mm up AIO cooler) for better performance.
  • Memory: KLEVV KD5AGUA8M-48G4000 or any speed above DDR5-4800.
  • Graphics Card: AMD RX6800 XT or NVidia GeForce RTX 3090.
  • Storage: PCIE 4.0 x4 M.2 SSD.
  • Power supply: Corsair RM850X (800W and above is recommended).

Step 1: Access the BIOS and load the default setting.

Step 2: Boot to OS and open the Blazing OC Tuner

  • Move to the System Info tab, and open the CinebenchR23.
  • Run the “CPU (Single core)” first, and record the current in System Info. We got about 25A~32A here.

Step 3: Find the optimized manual OC setting

  • The default value of R9-7950X at All-core turbo is 4.9~5.1 GHz. We try to add the value 5.2 GHz and set Vcore to 1.2V. Then press “Apply” and “OK”.
    *The OC Frequency/Voltage depends on the quality of your CPU.
  • Now please run the “CPU (Multi-core)” of Cinebench R23, and observe the CPU Temperature (91°C ~100°C).
    *The temperature depends on your CPU cooling system.

Step 4: Optimize the Blazing OC Tuner settings

  • On this page, you will see four parameters. The CPU Frequency and Core voltage will be the same as you set in manual OC mode (Step 3), keep them unchanged.
  • After finishing steps 2 and step 3, we got two important values: CPU current (32A) and temperature (91°C ~100°C).
  • Please set the “Current Threshold to switch to OC mode” to 45A, this value must be more than the current you got in step 2 (32A).
  • Next, please set the “Calibrated Temperature Threshold to switch to PBO” to 100°C and press “Apply”.
  • In another word, if CPU loading is under 45A, the system will enter the PBO mode to obtain a higher single-core turbo and get better single-threaded performance.
  • If CPU loading is more than 45A, the system will enter the manual OC mode to obtain optimized all-core core turbo and get better multi-threaded performance.
  • Now we can run the Cinebench R23 again. The score improvement to 38522.
  • (The default R23 score is about 37500~37700)

ASRock along with other manufacturers will be launching their X670E and X670 motherboards later today, make sure to visit our full product roundup for detailed information regarding specs and pricing.

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