ASRock Announce The Jupiter X300 1-Liter Mini PC

Evan Federowicz
Jupiter X300
Source: ASRock

ASRock has announced the Jupiter X300 Mini PC; this Mini PC features three video outputs and offers support for VESA mount or VESA stand. This PC supports AMD Ryzen 4000G series and up to 64 GB of DDR4 memory with a RAM speed of 3200 MHz, and these specifications allow this Mini PC to support up to three different video inputs. This Mini PC features a size of one Liter, which allows this PC to be easily hidden in a home office.

The Jupiter X300 Mini PC is a 1-Liter PC that can support three different video outputs and utilizes the AMD X300 Chipset

The Jupiter X300 Mini PC can support AMD's AM4 socket with a maximum supported TDP of 65 watts. This Mini PC features two SO-SIMM slots, and these slots feature maximum support of 64 GB with a maximum Ram speed, which depends on the installed CPU. If a Renoir APU is installed, then the maximum RAM speed of 3,200 MHz, while a Picasso or Ryzen APU is installed, the maximum RAM speed is lowered to 2,933 MHz. This Mini PC utilizes an APU, which can support up to three video output. These video outputs include an HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-Sub; the HDMI and DisplayPort features support a 4K resolution with a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz. This PC utilizes a copper heatsink for cooling, and this copper heatsink can cool up to a 65 watt APU.

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Source: ASRock

This Mini PC features a wide array of storage support, and this PC features an Ultra M.2 Slot and a SATA 6 GB HDD drive bay, and an M.2 slot designed for a WiFi module. This widespread support allows buyers to easily and efficiently change storage options or storage configurations. The Ultra M.2 Slot features support for PCIe Gen3 slot to support up to a 22 x 80 drive.

Front Side and Back Side of the Jupiter X300
Source: ASRock

The Jupiter X300 Mini PC features a large number of USB ports, offering a total of four USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and two USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-C Ports. This large amount of connectivity options ensures that users can easily connect various devices to this PC.

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