ARM’s Ares Core For 10 nm SoC Reported To Be Unveiled Next Year


Earlier, a roadmap detailing ARM’s Cortex designs were leaked, and with that, the very first name that popped up was Ares. Now, the company is reported to be expediting its plans of processor designs in a bid to allow more performance induced and energy efficient processors to be incorporated in to both mobile devices and servers, with Ares being the first of many. According to the source, Ares is the core that is going to be used to power up SoCs manufactured on the 10 nm architecture and is expected to be unveiled sometime during 2016.

Ares Designed To Be Incorporated In To Tablets And Servers Due To Its High Power Consumption

Cortex-A72, which was unveiled in Feb. 2015, is eventually going to be replaced by Ares, which is going to power up tablets and servers. Since the Ares core has a power consumption of 1-1.2 watts, it would not be suited for smartphones (unless they have been stuffed with extremely large battery packs) and instead, will be placed in tablets and eventually, servers. Prometheus, which will succeed Ares, is also going to power up 10 nm SoCs, only this time, the power envelop will be far lower.

Consuming between 600-750 mW of power, the Prometheus core will be favored by smartphones. However, Linley Gwenapp, who is a reputed high-tech analyst from The Linley Group, believes that Ares might still find its way to the smaller screen mobile computing devices.

”Ares core could reach smartphone and tablet makers by the end of next year. ARM is already well advanced on a next-generation high-end CPU that will follow the A72. In fact, this project is so far along that the A72 team could ‘steal’ some portions of the next-generation design. For example, a new floating-point unit reduces latency by 33%. The prefetcher, also from the next-gen design, improves the data-cache hit rate to boost performance. The next-gen branch predictor reduces mispredictions by 20%.”

Since it will take application processor developers an average time period of nine to twelve months to integrate ARM Cortex cores into their designs, you guys can expect the first devices with ARM Cortex-A72 to be released inside the second half of 2016, assuming there are no delays. As for Ares; the unveiling of the core in 2016 will pave the way for smartphones, tablets and servers to sport the new Cortex design by 2017.

For now, we have yet to see a physical smartphone or tablet showcasing the prowess of Cortex-A72.

Image source: Kitguru