Armature Studio Has Two Titles In Development, But ReCore 2 Is Not Among Them

Jun 22, 2018

Armature Studio is currently providing development support for Fortnite, but it seems like the studio is also working on some original titles.

Reddit user Sargento_Osiris recently posted a screenshot of an email sent to Armature Studio, where it's been confirmed that the studio is currently working on two different titles, and that, sadly, ReCore 2 is not in development. We have contacted Armature about the matter and will update this post once we get a reply.

A Super Metroid Remake Is In Development For Nintendo Switch – Rumor

It's a shame that ReCore 2 is not yet in the works, as the franchise has some real potential. The original game comes with some interesting ideas and features that all fans of the Mega-Man and Metroid series can appreciate, but also some flaws that a sequel could address easily.

With Metroid fans only getting Federation Force this year, it was up to other studios to give fans their fix, and Armature Studio & Comcept did deliver with ReCore. With a well written (albeit not exactly original) story and a nicely crafted gameplay experience featuring plenty of content, ReCore is the game to get for those looking for an involving action adventure title. Sadly, the experience is a bit lessened by the generally low challenge level, which makes Corebots mechanics almost superfluous, slightly repetitive combat, disappointing boss battles and a variety of technical issues. ReCore is not Super Metroid at all, that's for sure, but it's definitely a very good starting point for a franchise that might even become big with the right tweaks.