ARC Raiders, a Free-to-Play Coop Shooter, Is Embark’s Debut Game

Alessio Palumbo
ARC Raiders

The debut game of Embark Studios, the Stockholm-based development team created by former EA executive Patrick Söderlund, is officially titled ARC Raiders. A free-to-play cooperative shooter due to launch next year, it's set in a world where humans are fending off mechanized enemies collectively known as ARC that drop down from space.

You play as one of the Raiders, a rogue group of resistance fighters. With the help of a patchwork early warning system, you fight to protect our home against enemies dropping from orbit. ARC is faceless and unfeeling, but no one could accuse ARC of being unresponsive. In fact, ARC responds to resistance with ever-increasing destruction.

As a Raider, you know that defeating ARC requires more than simply pointing and shooting a gun, and more than one person trying to be a hero. When ARC is around, lone wolves never make it very far. As underdogs, we need to believe in something bigger than our own strength, in something unapologetically human. That’s why we come together. United amid the unlikelihood of success, what seemed implausible may just become the best course of action. So, by all means, come prepared and plan ahead, but sometimes you just have to wing it.

Scavenge the ruins of the past. Wield tools and gadgets to outsmart the enemy. Use on-the-fly tactics, your surroundings, and physics to your advantage. If you and your squad play well together, one day the stars may again become beacons of hope, instead of omens of oblivion.

PC gamers can already wishlist ARC Raiders on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game will also be available via NVIDIA's GeForce NOW cloud gaming service as well as on Sony's PlayStation 5 console and Microsoft's Xbox Series S and X consoles.

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Check out the debut gameplay trailer below.

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