AR Headset From Apple Reportedly Featuring StarBoard Mode, Suggests Internal iOS 13 Build


Apple’s AR headset has long been rumored to be a project the company’s been working on. A recent documentation present in an internal build of iOS 13 reveals that the California-based giant’s efforts haven’t been ceased, despite an earlier report stating that the headset project was ‘terminated’.

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The iOS 13 documentation was spotted by MacRumors, with the internal build showing a ‘STARTester’ app. This app might allow the AR headset to be used as both a mounted wearable, as well as a handheld device. Looks like Apple might be testing both forms to see which form factor would benefit iPhone users the most. Earlier, it was reported that these AR glasses would function as an iPhone accessory and not as a standalone headset, but we’ll still wait for more reports to come forth before we can form a concrete stance on the rumored product.

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MacRumors also reports about an internal README file in iOS 13 that describes a ‘StarBoard’ mode for stereo AR-enabled apps. The headset geared towards augmented reality is codenamed, ‘Garta’, with the ‘StarBoard’ mode possibly including several ‘views’ and ‘scenes’. This probably suggests different landscape options users can choose to view the environment once they’ve donned the AR headset. Other strings located in the iOS 13 internal build include ‘ARStarBoardViewController’ and ‘ARStarBoardSceneManager’.

After DigiTimes reported that the AR headset projected was terminated, follow-up news from The Information states that Apple reportedly shifted key software executive Kim Vorrath to a new team. Her attitude of getting things done on time and in a proper manner apparently made her a suitable candidate to spearhead the team that’s presumably working on the AR glasses project.

There’s also a rumor Apple’s making a custom iOS-based operating system dubbed ‘rOS’ for the AR headset, but we’ll find out more next year, so stay tuned for additional updates from our side.

News Source: MacRumors