Aquatuning US, Fine Watercooling Providers, Black Friday Sale Going on Now


It looks like if you're in the market for an upgrade to your cooling solution that you might be in luck. Aquatuning, a retailer of fine water-cooling parts and accessories is having their own Black Friday sale this Friday only, giving our readers 10% off of all water cooling parts inside.

This means CPU blocks, Radiators, tubing, GPU blocks, pumps, power supply coolers, motherboard coolers and even fluid from EK, Alphacool, Phobya and more. Tis the season to make sure that your PC is cool, so this summer it doesn't overheat from the awesome stress of gaming. Don't be the one that has to power it off this summer because it's too hot.

Aquatuning Black Friday

Code BlackFriday2015 gets you a special discount of 10% off of everything (except cases and hardware).

Ready to take your cooling to the next level? We even reviewed an Alphacool pseudo-AIO kit that did mighty fine, beating traditional AIO coolers by a significant amount. The ultimate in cooling doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, and this Friday it doesn't.