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Aquanox Deep Descent Closed Beta Giveaway – 2K Codes Up for Grabs


Aquanox Deep Descent, the first person underwater vehicle shooter in development at Digital Arrow, will host a multiplayer beta test this weekend (October 27th, 6 PM CET to October 29th, 11:59 PM CET) and we've got two thousand codes to give away.

This multiplayer test will feature four different maps, two traditional game modes (Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch) and four-versus-four or eight-versus-eight battles.

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It's important to note that if you got a key from our previous giveaway (or any other giveaway for that matter), you're good to go and don't need another beta code. Likewise, all Kickstarter backers should be able to join without it.

These are Steam codes, so you can redeem like you would normally on Steam. You can find the minimum requirements on the Store page.

Aquanox Beta Giveaway

Here's a detailed overview of what you can expect to find in Aquanox Deep Descent.

Players control a variety of customizable ships to engage in fierce battles in the dystopian deep-sea world of Aqua.
In the near future, the Earth's surface has become uninhabitable. What remains of humankind lives in former mining and research stations, deep below the surface of the sea. Born and raised in the only world we know, the loose network of underwater settlements, torn by the war for resources and dominance between various factions.Take control of a team of highly trained fighter pilots and experience an epic story in the dark world of Aquanox. Send your enemies down to Davy Jones's Locker with well-aimed torpedoes, mortars, mines and more. Explore the deepest corners of the oceans - mysterious, hazardous, uncharted.

Fight - Action-packed vehicle shooter combat that supports a wide variety of play styles
Co-op - 4 player drop-in co-op, with four unique pilots who are all involved in the game story
Customize - Create your ship from an extensive range of ship pieces and various customization options
Explore - Discover the deepest corners of the ocean
RPG Elements - Mining, salvaging, and looting
PVP - Classic multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Dogfighting (what the closed beta focuses on)