Apple’s iPad Stylus To Feature Dynamic Ways For Interacting With Touchscreen


Since we all heard that the iPad Pro is rumored to showcase by the end of this year and Apple is prepping continuous ways tackle the downfall in sales. According to a new patent filing by Apple, a stylus concept was revealed by the name of 'Expanded Function Touch Sensor Implement'. The patent was filed to USPTO which was discovered by Apple Insider.

The Stylus concept revealed an accessory for the iPad Pro which will have functionality to perform operations via dynamic ways. Apple's stylus would behold multiple sensors collaborating with pressure, angle of use, grip and other multiple ways to fit the need a most likely device such as an iPad.

iPad Pro's Stylus Will Feature Dynamic Input Methods For Interaction

According to Apple, the fingertip input method takes a wide area on the touchscreen that causes a denatured impact on the variable. On the other hand Apple also emphasized the traditional use of a stylus that offers lack of precision. The application filed stated:

"As such, use of a stylus or other implement with a touch sensor may not be as flexible as use of a finger or other body part,"

Hence, Apple defined a style that would seek dynamic input ways to improve functionality by introducing sensors in its stylus according to the filed patent. Some of the input methods includes the pressure sensor that would recognize the force by which the stylus is pushed to the touchscreen. The stylus will also recognize the angle of use which enhance precision and functionality. The patent application also stated the 'grip' input which will provide functionality depending on the force you're holding the stylus. The distance between stylus and the iPad's display could also be included which can be used for 3D input.

According to rumors by Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, the so called iPad Pro will be released this year. It is also said that the stylus would also hold physical buttons to integrate with the device for more functions and the stylus will be connected to the device via Bluetooth. All we can say right now is that Apple has filed the characteristics of a stylus which will have multiple input methods on a device that is most likely to be an iPad Pro. Let us know in the comments how you feel about these patent filings by Apple? Will the iPad sales break through a recession?

Source: AppleInsider