The iPad Pro Coming With Enhanced Oxide TFT Display – Industry Officials


The iPad Pro, or the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is a device that has made numerous appearances in ther umor mill so far. The device has been said to be coming with a larger screen that will be aimed towards the educational sector primarily, according to several reports. That however hasn't stopped Apple from adding surround sound speakers to the device, ensuring that the company's first larger screened tablet will be a well-rounded device. Well, it seems that the display of the iPad Pro will be another area that the company will be choosing to upgrade this year.

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Apple To Use TFT Displays On The iPad Pro According To LG Official

According to the Korean press, Apple's decision to switch to TFT displays on the upcoming iPad Pro has left its partners in quite a rush to match up production. ETNews quotes an unnamed LG Display official elaborating on how the company hopes to ramp up its production of TFT displays this year in order to match Apple's demand for them in the iPad Pro. LG currently produces 9,000 Oxide TFT sheets per month, and the company hopes to more than double this with a target of 30,000 sheets per month.

A productive capacity of 30,000 displays per month would put LG on par with SHARP, who is also capable of churning out 30,000 sheets per month. But looks like Samsung's stars are in good alignment this year as the Korean manufacturer will also be receiving Apple's TFT orders for the iPad Pro. Samsung's currently able to produce 20,000 sheets per month, but the manufacturer is looking to expand to 60,000 sheets per month by the end of this year. Things seem to be moving finally on the iPad Pro, and perhaps we'll finally get to see the device later this year. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated.