Apple’s Foldable iPhone Prototype Features two Separate Panels With a Hinge

Foldable iPhone

The smartphone industry is gradually moving towards foldable phones. We see Samsung with the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip moving in the right direction but there's no word where Apple is in the competition. Moreover, there aren't many rumors surrounding the 'foldable' iPhone as well. Today, Leaker, Jon Prosser shares some details on Apple's foldable iPhone that "isn't really a foldable".

Apple's Foldable iPhone "Isn't Really a Foldable" - Prototype Features Two Separate Panels With a Hinge

As it appears, Apple's foldable iPhone prototype features two separate panels that are connected using a hinge mechanism. Moreover, the external design of the prototype resembles that of the iPhone 11 with round stainless steel edges. According to Prosser, the outer display features all the components for Face ID.

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If we picture it right, Apple's foldable iPhone looks a lot like the LG G8X Dual.  This is due to the fact that the prototype houses two separate panels connected with a hinge. Extending the story, Prosser further elaborated on the design in a follow-up tweet saying that the two panels look "continuous and seamless" when fully extended.

At this point in time, the major problem surrounding foldable screens is that there is a pretty visible crease running through the fold. All foldable smartphones launched till now feature a crease in the middle and in my opinion, this is something that users might not find pleasant after spending upwards of a thousand dollars on a smartphone. With two separate panels intact with a hinge, Apple doesn't have to worry about a crease.

The foldable technology is still young and has a long way to go. Moreover, Apple's implementation is just a prototype at this stage and based on a leak, so we can't be sure about it. Moreover, it is unlikely that Apple will release a foldable iPhone any time soon. The technology needs to be perfected first before Apple jumps on to adopt it in its own fashion.

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