Apple’s AirTags to Cost $39, Leaker Reveals Size of the Item Tracker

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AirTags Cost and Size

Apple was previously rumored to host an event this month but the leakers were off the course, at least some of them. However, the next rumored release frame for an Apple event is in April and we are expecting a lot from the company. While the iPad Pro will be the highlight of the event, Apple's item-tracking accessory is also one of the highly anticipated products. We have been anticipating and looking at leaked renders of the AirTags for a while now and the competition has already released its rival. Yes, we are talking about Samsung's SmartTags. Nonetheless, new details pertaining to the accessory have emerged, revealing the cost and size of Apple's AirTags.

Leaker Shares Size Dimensions of the AirTags and What it Will Cost - It Is Expensive Than Galaxy SmartTags

We have previously seen renders of the AirTags - a round accessory with a metal plate at the back. While Apple has not shared any details related to the product's design, leaker Max Weinbach (via EverythingApplePro) shared the size of the AirTags along with the cost. According to the leaker, the AirTags will feature size of 32mm x 32mm x 6mm. This makes the item tracker a wee bit larger than a 50 cent coin. In comparison, the Galaxy SmartTags come in at 39mm x 39mm x 9mm.

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We previously saw suggestions from other leakers who coin that the AirTags will be available in two sizes. However, this does not make sense at all given the utility of the device remains the same. As for the leaks, images of the AirTags were found in the internal iOS 13 build that shows a circular design with an Apple logo on the front. The accessory will potentially attach to other items or devices via adhesives or an attachment point like a hollow ring. The leaker also shared what the AirTags might cost you.

AirTags Cost and Size

As for the pricing, Max Weinbach states that AirTags will likely cost around $39. Samsung offers the SmartTags for $29.99 in comparison. However, take note that the price is not certain as of now and the final word rests with Apple. Apple has also enabled a new "Items" tab in the Find My app iOS 14.5 beta. What this means is that the AirTags might be just around the corner. The leaker has also shared details on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, suggesting that the company will launch a new matte black color.

Do you think the cost of the AirTags is justified? What price would convince you to buy the accessory? Let us know in the comments.

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