Apple’s $700 Mac Pro Wheels Used on a Skateboard – Here’s How it Performed

Mac Pro Wheels Skateboard

In a way that Apple would have never imagined, $700 Mac Pro wheels were used to create an actual skateboard by a YouTuber and the results were impressive.

Mac Pro Wheels Skateboard

For those keeping count, Mac Pro wheels actually cost $400 if you order them during the build-to-order process. However, if you want to buy and attach them to your Mac Pro later, they cost $700. Unbox Therapy got the wheels and created a less than average skateboard which did not practically work. This inspired Braille Skateboarding, who took it seriously and created an actual skateboard with it.

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The video description says it all:

@Unbox Therapy made the very first skateboard with the new $700 Mac Pro Wheels and we thought we could do even better. We ordered the wheels asap, got a brand new deck, and made the magic that you see in this video. Are these the best skateboard wheels ever?!

The process of attaching the wheels to a skateboard was not very straightforward. After a lot of experimentation and drilling, the wheels were successfully attached to the skateboard. Initial testing showed that the skateboard become heavy because of the weight of the Mac Pro wheels, but it seemed to work fine.

A few kickflips showed that the wheels survived just fine but the attachment bent a bit as the wheels only use one screw each. Further modifications to the skateboard and wheel mechanism improved the skating experience a bit, making it easier to perform more tricks, but the weight of the whole thing kept getting in the way. The skateboard never ended up being a practical piece of equipment by any means.

Maybe Apple should take this idea and actually launch its official skateboard with Mac Pro wheels and chamfered diamond-cut edges. There would be many people who would be willing to throw money at such a product.

Check out the complete video by Braille Skateboarding below:

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