Apple’s 21.5 Inch iMac Gets The Teardown Treatment – See All The Details Here


Only recently, Apple unveiled its latest iMac lineup that comprises up of a 21.5 inch machine and a 27 inch one. Now, the dexterous staff at iFixit got their hands on the 21.5 inch version of the product so let us see what they found incorporated inside it.

21.5 inch iMac Gets The Teardown Treatment – Let Us See What The Details Present Inside It Reveal

Without getting into too much detail, let us jump straight into the action. The 4K display of iMac has been provided by none other than LG. Since Samsung and LG are the two global manufacturers of displays, it comes as no surprise that the 21.5 inch iMac would be sporting one from either one of the two companies. However, it looks like Apple has made this product a little out of the league or the repairing crew and if the machine starts to behave erratically, you might have to purchase a brand new machine altogether.

Firstly, the glass and LCD are fused together, which will no doubt increase the overall cost of replacement. Additionally, you will also find that several primary components have been soldered onto the motherboard, so if you happen to order a pre-configured iMac on Apple’s store, do not expect that you will be able to upgrade the CPU because you will have to make it that configuration last, unless of course you have absolutely no issue in spending more money on purchasing an iMac with a much better configuration.

The biggest drawback of owning a 21.5 iMac refresh is that it is outfitted with Intel’s 5th generation Broadwell lineup and it only comprises up of a Core-i5 processor models that are available with a clock speed of either 1.6GHz or 2.8GHz. If you are spending this much money on a machine, then Apple should have included its 6th generation Skylake processor lineup like it did with its 27 inch iMac.

Another thing that the revelation showed us was that even the RAM modules are soldered onto the mainboard of the 21.5 inch iMac. In short, if you want a higher amount of RAM, then you are going to have to upgrade immediately when you are making your purchase for the very first time. Overall, the iFixit team rated the reparability score of iMac as 1 out 10, making it the most difficult machine to repair.

Therefore, the rule of the thumb is that if you have intended to purchase this machine, then you select your desired configuration right from the start because you will not be able to upgrade it later down the road.