Apple Launches New Lineup Of iMacs With One Crucial Difference – See All The Details Here


For all those waiting for Apple’s iMacs to be refreshed have their prayers answered because the tech giant has officially launched a brand new family of machines. Let us see what products the company has introduced.

21.5 Inch iMacs Will Feature 4K Displays – 27 Inch Ones Will Feature An Even Higher Resolution

According to the details present on Apple’s website, perhaps the biggest change that the company has introduced was incorporating a 4K display to the 21.5 inch iMac range. Furthermore, and this is for those consumers who display a strong penchant for 27 inch iMacs; Apple has dropped the non-Retina versions so that now, all models are going to be rendering a 5K display, in case 4K was not radiating a sufficient amount of pixels for you. Both machine variants feature much faster processors compared to their predecessors, as well as improved graphic chips.

The 4K Retina iMac resonates a whopping resolution of 4096 by 2304 pixels, and the display features a P3 color gamut, which delivers 25 percent large color space. This will result in far more detailed and more life-like image reproduction, which is what you get if you see content being rendered from resolutions that go above the 1440p mark. Inside the base model of the 21.5 iMac family, is Intel’s Broadwell processor with an updated Intel Iris Pro iGPU and will carry a price of $1,499.

One the other hand, the 27 inch iMacs are equipped with the latest AMD Radeon R9 graphics chips, along with Intel’s 6th generation processors (more commonly known as Skylake) and this particular model features a starting price of $1,799, which is not bad at all considering the ludicrous price tag that Apple stamped onto its previous iMac that possessed a 5K display. When you are making your purchase, you will have to be careful because only the 27 inch iMacs are incorporated with Intel’s Skylake processors so if you want to experience more processing capabilities and higher efficiency, you are going to have to spend more.

Apple is also changing up the Fusion Drive configuration options, in order to make it much more economical to the public. You have the option to choose a Fusion Drive that pairs a 1TB hard drive with 24GB of flash memory for fast application and data cache or you can choose to purchase a better configuration setup that comprises up of 2TB and 3TB HDD, along with a 128GB SSD setup. All pricing differences have been given in the images below to help you come to a conclusion on which machine you want to purchase.

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