Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro With Core i9 CPU, 16GB RAM and More Drops to Its Lowest Price yet Thanks to a $350 Discount


It’s not every day that you see a $350 price cut slapped on the 16-inch MacBook Pro but it’s happening today at Amazon. Apple’s most powerful portable Mac armed with an Intel Core i9 processor costs $2,449 and the discount applies to both the Silver and Space Gray finishes, just in case you have a penchant for wanting a high-end MacBook Pro in a different color.

As for what you’re getting with the $350 discount, the 16-inch MacBook Pro sports an 8-core Core i9 that’s paired with 16GB of DDR4 RAM, along with 1TB of ultra-fast PCIe SSD storage. The GPU is an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M, with the overall package impressive for those wanting insane performance from a portable machine like this. The 16-inch display is rich in colors, and the extra screen real estate is something creative professionals and those consuming any form of content will highly appreciate. Also, let us not forget that it gets extremely bright.

In case you wanted versatility from the 16-inch MacBook Pro, you get that too thanks to four Thunderbolt 3 ports. You can use any Thunderbolt 3 port to connect multiple high-resolution monitors, an eGPU solution, super-fast external SSDs, or a simple wired keyboard and mouse solution to improve your productivity.

The keyboard has also been redesigned to not only give the 16-inch MacBook Pro more reliability and longevity but it also adds that tactile touch, which is a dream come true for typists. Overall, a $350 price cut on a premium product like this is a dream come true for many and it’s very rare for a premium machine like this to be offered at a price like this.

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