Apple Watch Successor Could Be Announced During The Month Of June


Remember during the announcement of iPhone SE, Apple also announced that its Apple Watch would be getting a retail price reduction. From what we know, the Cupertino tech giant is used to charging a premium from all of its products, so it is possible that the price reduction was done in order to sell as many units as possible in order to pave the way for the wearable’s successor.


Apple Watch Successor Tipped To Be Announced During June – Will Sport A Thinner Form Factor Than Its Predecessor

According to Brian White, an analyst stationed at the Wall Street firm Drexel Hamilton; he believes that the successor of Apple Watch, which currently does not have an official product so we will just be calling it Apple Watch 2, is due to be announced during the month of June, and for all of us who have been following Apple know that this is the month where the tech giant hosts its annual WWDC event.

According to the analyst, the upcoming wearable is going to be sporting a thinner form factor than its predecessor, indicating Apple’s affinity with making its products as slim as possible.

According to MacRumors, the analyst states the following:

“Our meeting with a tech supply chain company highlighted a rough end to 2015 with significant forecast reductions from Apple; however, forecasts have been stable since then with 2Q:16 expected to be the trough. After a YoY sales decline in 1Q:16, our contact expects to return to growth in H2:2016. Production of parts of the iPhone 7 are expected to begin in July. Finally, we walked away with the sense that the Apple Watch refresh will not occur in September with the iPhone 7, but is more likely to occur within the next 2-3 months, and thus we believe an unveiling at WWDC in June makes sense. We believe Apple Watch 2 could be 20-40% thinner than the current Apple Watch.”


Now we understand; making products thinner definitely excites the consumer since slimmer products obviously make them look more appealing than those boasting larger bodies. Unfortunately, the biggest trade-off is battery life, and while Apple is improving the hardware present inside the company’s next iteration of products, we sincerely hope that Apple Watch’s successor improves significantly when it comes to overall ‘screen on’ time.

We did report that majority of the changes coming from Apple Watch 2 would be from the inside, but it appears that the analyst has changed our stance on things. While the current wearable has an OS that is just as fluid as the company’s smartphone and desktop platform, the battery life was abysmal, and this is one area where the company desperately needs to work on.


Apple Watch is currently priced as follows:

  • $299 for the 38mm model
  • $349 for the 42mm model

Let us hope that this rumor turns out to be false, since consumers will no doubt want more battery life above everything else.