Apple Watch Series 6 Will Have Faster Performance and Improved Water Resistance

Imran Hussain
Apple Watch Series 5 Titanium

Apple Watch Series 6 will feature faster performance, improved water resistance and faster networking speeds for Wi-Fi and cellular, as per a new report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple Watch Series 6 - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

As per Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will switch to liquid crystal polymer or LCP material for flexible circuit boards in Apple Watch Series 6. Series 5 and earlier watch models use polyimide or PI. Dongshan Precision, Avary Holding, and Flexium Interconnect supply LCP material.

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Improved performance is given as Apple is constantly pushing the envelope with their processors. Series 5 shipped with a 64-bit dual-core S5 processor which was twice as fast as the dual-core S3. Series 6 will likely improve on this further.

Kuo also mentioned faster Wi-Fi and cellular networking. Series 5 ships with 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz Wi-Fi so Series 6 will probably have support for Wi-Fi 6. It is too early to expect 5G in a Watch when Apple's smartphones don't even support it yet. We are not sure if anybody would want to have lower battery life with a 5G chip in a watch.

Lastly, Series 5 has water resistance up to 50 meters. Apple does not recommend that users take the Apple Watch for scuba diving or water skiing. Maybe Series 6' improved water resistance might allow for these activities.

Apple Watch Series 5 was released less than 2 months ago to the public. It features a new always-on OLED display based on LTPO technology. This display refresh frequency can go as low as 1Hz to save battery life. Series 5 also ships with a compass, a 64-bit dual-core S5 processor, and an all-day battery life like previous models. Apple also added two new materials - ceramic and titanium, to the watch models.

Apple Watch is currently the most popular smartwatch in the world. In third quarter of 2019, it had a global marketshare of 47.9%, while competitors like Samsung and Fitbit had a combined marketshare of 24.7%. Even in terms of sales, Apple sold 6.8 million units, which is almost double the number of units sold by Samsung and Fitbit combined, which is 3.5 million.

Apple is also expected to include a MicroLED display and sleep tracking in Series 6. Perhaps the feature that would excite customers the most for Apple Watch Series 6 would be lower pricing. Let's hope Apple pulls an iPhone 11-like price twist with Series 6.

via MacRumors

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