watchOS 3 Update – Here Are All Details Announced At WWDC 2016

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watchOS 3 is Apple’s bread and butter to run its wearable hardware smoothly and during WWDC 2016, here are the latest changes introduced in the software that powers up the company’s Apple Watch.

watchOS 3 Update – All You Need To Know About The Latest Changes

Kevin Lynch states that people who are using Apple Watch are absolutely loving and why would they not? With improved performance presented by watchOS 3, it will also present a ton of flexibility. For example, what users are going to find extremely helpful is something that Lynch likes to call Instant Launch. This feature keeps favorite apps in memory, and reduces the amount of time the app takes to launch straight up. In short, the experience will become seven times faster, but according to Lynch, it actually feels like a million times faster.


Another thing that has been changed in watchOS 3 is that the side button has been totally revamped, and now opens ‘the dock’ instead of the communications screen. One more thing that has been incorporated is that you can swipe up from the bottom on Apple Watch for a mini control center. Since security is a huge concern for users these days, watchOS 3 has added a new feature called SOS on the Watch. All you have to do is press and hold the side button and it immediately calls 911. This will work through your phone or Wi-Fi and after you're done calling 911, it pulls up your location and messages your friends.


Apple Watch is also used to measure fitness and health. Since fitness is an element that is crucial to fitness junkies, activity sharing from the watch has become even simpler; all you have to do is to swipe to the right of your own rings, and see family and friend rings. After that you can effortlessly share you workout data to see if you’ve been competing well with your family and friends.


In addition, watchOS 3 brings the capability to communicate directly with the people you're sharing with Messages, and the smart replies are geared towards working out. The latest OS update will also be wooing developers thanks to Apple Pay integration in third-party apps. More details state that Apple is adding a number of new APIs to provide support for Apple Pay on the Watch. In this way, fitness apps can run in the background, along with support for real-time heart rate and location data. Aside from this, support for SpriteKite and SceneKit, native crown controls, speaker audio, and several more features have also been added.


When Will watchOS 3 Be Available?

The preview release of watchOS 3 is going to be available later today and the free upgrade is going to be available later this fall. According to the executives, with the latest update, Apple Watch is going to feel like a completely different wearable and it right fully should. What do you guys think of the latest update? Let us know your thoughts immediately.

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