Apple Watch Aids in Giving Surprise Birth on a Flight to Hawaii


The Apple Watch is a very capable device that has helped save the life of many users. Now, a new incidence has occurred in which an Apple Watch assisted in giving birth on a flight across the ocean. With only a limited number and variety of equipment, the doctors and nurses on board employed clever use of the Apple Watch to keep the condition of the newborn stable. Let's dive in to see some more details on the story.

Apple Watch Helps Giving Birth in a Flight to Hawaii

The surprise birth of Raymond Mounga was 11 weeks early to Lavinia Mounga who did not know that she was pregnant. The mother was traveling from Salt Lake City, Utah to Honolulu, Hawaii, and to their luck, a physician and three nurses were traveling on the same flight (via AppleInsider). The physician and the nurses acted fast and kept the infant stable during the flight. We are glad that the mother and baby were fine and fortunate to have the physician and the nurses on the flight. In addition, we are glad how devices like the Apple Watch aided in giving birth on a flight.

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"None of the equipment we have was suitable for a premature baby, and this baby was born at 29 weeks instead of the normal 40 weeks, right?" said Dr. Glenn. "So we made baby warmers out of bottles that were microwaved. We used an Apple Watch to measure the heart rate."

Once the plane landed in Hawaii, the mother and the newborn baby were taken to the Kapiolani Medical Center for further inspection. This is not the first time that an Apple Watch has aided in saving someone's life. We have previously covered how the Apple Watch saved people's lives with heart disease. There are countless other stories that reflect how the Apple Watch has changed lives.

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