Apple Warns Leakers Again, Says it Misleads Third-Party iPhone Case Manufacturers


Apple is taking an aggressive stance against leakers and concept creators these days. The company says that providing premature information regarding unreleased products misleads various parties in the industry. Apple warns iPhone leaker in China that the leaks show third-party accessory makers a misleading depiction of the unreleased product. Ultimately, this allows the accessory makers to manufacture cases of the wrong size, wasting valuable resources.

Apple Warns Leaker to Not Share Details of Upcoming Products As It Kills The Element of Surprise and Tempers WIth Commercial Value

Vice has shared a detailed report about Apple's letter to a leaker in China. Apple warns the leaker about sharing incorrect dimensions of the upcoming iPhone models. This is not the first time that Apple has reached directly to a leaker. A few days ago, Apple sent a cease and desist letter to a leaker in China, demanding to reveal details of the source of the stolen iPhone prototype.

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apple warns leaker

Apple has been taking serious notice against leakers over the past few weeks, allowing the leaks to curb down details on unreleased products. Apple also sent legal notices to leakers in June and to our surprise, concept creators have also received the letters. Apple says that "secret" is the DNA of the company. In the letter, Apple warns the leaker to not leak any details related to the upcoming Apple devices because it kills the element of surprise for the general public.

“In addition, premature disclosures about unannounced products can also harm customers worldwide when the relevant information disclosed is inaccurate, and third parties – such as accessory manufacturers – develop and sell cases and other accessories that are in fact incompatible with the unannounced product because, for example, the design or dimensions differ. Such situations are harmful to customers and to Apple.

Therefore, it is obvious that when the unpublished information about the design and performance of Apple’s products is kept confidential, it has actual and potential commercial value.”

Accessory makers take advantage of the premature information and manufacture cases beforehand. This saves them time as the accessory goes on sale as soon as the Apple product is announced. However, if the dimensions are shared incorrectly, the entire batch of accessories would be wasted and scrapped. The company also calls these leaks an "illegal disclosure of Apple's trade secrets." In addition to this, secrecy regarding the unreleased product tempers with third parties' "potential commercial value". Basically, Apple warns the leaker for its own sake and how these tiny tidbits could have a multiplier effect in the industry.

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