Apple Has a Plan to Increase Its Market Share in China – Rumored to Release Two Dual-SIM iPhones in the Region to Compete With Other Players


An anonymous source has stated that Apple may release two dual-SIM smartphones in China this year. Chinese manufacturers already make dual-SIM smartphones and they are a big selling point in China, something that Apple is yet to take advantage of. The company’s delayed entry in the dual-SIM smartphone business might be attributed to slow responsiveness and stubbornness, but it looks like the company’s strategy is slowly shifting after witnessing a rise in the competition.

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According to the latest information, Apple can achieve dual-SIM dual-standby capability via physical SIM and an Apple SIM. Apple’s SIM function was introduced back in 2014 and it was Apple’s solution to use a virtual SIM card to replace the physical solution. Currently, most countries in the world support the Apple SIM. However, the Cupertino-based giant was unable to effectively promote it in China and this caused users to complain about the single SIM-touting phones.

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In China, there are differences in packages offered by different carriers and many people like to use different SIMs for work and for use outside of work. Therefore, dual-SIM smartphones are an essential requirement for most users. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has reported that nearly 753 million Chinese residents used mobile Internet in China last year, and more than half of smartphone users own dual-SIM smartphones.

Apple has failed to make a mark in China and a launching new smartphone with a customized solution and dual-SIM capability can entice many customers. The user experience is expected to remain the same but the flexibility to add two SIM cards should increase sales for the tech giant.

Keep in mind that the news has not been confirmed by the company and the company has not responded to a request for comments. If the news proves to be true, it will be the first time that dual-SIM-capable iPhones are going to be in use. A previous rumor actually stated that the iPhone 9, the upcoming edge-to-edge phone with an LCD display is expected to feature dual-SIM capability and a starting price of $550.

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News Source: MyDrivers