Apple TV Is Up For Pre-Order – Here Is How To Order Yours The Easiest Way Possible


During Apple’s official announcement, the tech giant unveiled its latest Apple TV and great news for all those who want to get their hands on the product is that the device is available for pre-order. Here is how you get pre-order yours today.

Apple TV Pre-Order – Here Is How You Can Order Yours Today?

If you have been keeping a close watch on Apple’s website, you will be able to see that the successor of Apple TV is available for a starting price of $149.99. Keep in mind that this particular model will have 32GB of internal storage so if you want to have more on-board memory present, then you will have to spend a total of $199.99 in order to get your hands on the 64GB model. Before you place your order, you have to keep in mind that all Apple TV models come without an accessory except for a Siri remote. You can always purchase after-market accessories from Apple’s website or any other hardware store.

Perhaps the biggest highlight of the product was the revolutionary remote control that the company bundled with the product. The remote control itself has a touchpad and features several buttons which users can take advantage of. Starting off, if the user turns the remote sideways, then it will turn into a game controller. The touch part of the remote has a glass touch to it and features the following buttons:

  • Menu button
  • Display button
  • Siri button
  • Play/Pause, volume

Coming to the actual interface of Apple TV, it is much cleaner, and offer users a much more comfortable experience. In order to do this, the interface will no longer be cluttered with channels and networks, but with more content for people to choose from.

You will also find the new Apple TV is much more powerful than its predecessor, which is a crucial upgrade for those who will be experiencing iOS games on a larger screen. It has an A8 chipset, along with an 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adapter and a Bluetooth 4.0 module. The company has also managed to make it very compact, since it is only 10mm tall. Additional specifications include HDMI and an Ethernet port, which are the same connections that were present in the previous model.

Similar to Apple’s 12 inch MacBook, Apple TV also features a Type-C USB port, and 2GB RAM count, which is also a sizable upgrade which will deliver improved video caching as well as overall better performance in taxing gaming applications. After incorporating impressive hardware, we believe that the price of Apple TV is warranted? Would you be compelled to purchase one? Let us know your thoughts.