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Apple TV 4 Pricing And Availability Details Revealed


As we move towards the 9th of September, the leaks are picking up pace faster than we could've imagined. And with many rumors flying around that Apple would be introducing a fourth-generation Apple TV at its big keynote, today we're seeing a new report that details the upcoming set top box's pricing and availability details.

Apple TV 4

The Apple TV 4 Will Be More Expensive Compared To Third-Generation Model

According to a new report published by 9to5Mac, Apple will price the Apple TV 4 at around $149 or $199. The interesting thing here to note is that the Cupertino giant will continue to sell the third-gen Apple TV for a price of just $69. Regarding availability, the report says that the new Apple TV 4 will go on sale in October, so don't expect to grab the new set-top box immediately after its announcement.

Apart from the above mentioned details, the report also reveals that Apple's new Web TV streaming service will be available next year, and will arrive on both the Apple TV 4 and 3 as a software update. It's expected that the service will cost $40 a month for 25 or so channels for a month.

It's also worth mentioning here that while the Apple TV 4 is expected to come with its very own App Store and of course, Siri support, users should not hold their breath for the same features on the Apple TV 3.

Apple TV 4

The Apple TV 4 is expected to be powered by the A8 chip, the very same one that lives inside the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Apart from that, the device is rumored to come with a brand new touch-enabled remote that can also sense motion and will have a built-in mic for conversing with Siri. On the software end, Apple is rumored to revamp the whole UI and will bring the App Store to our TV sets, like we mentioned above.

What do you think about today's report? Do you think the $149+ price point could be a deal breaker for users? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Apple's event is set to kick off at 10am PDT on the 9th of September, and as usual, the company will be live streaming its entire event for every user around the globe. More details can be found here: How To Live Stream September 9th iPhone 6s Event On iOS, Apple TV, Mac, PC.

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